How to play pishti

Pishti is a Turkish card game, can be played by 2,3, or 4 players. The game is played with a standard 52 card pack without jokers. The goal is to reach a score of 151. It is usually played individual. Partnership is possible if it is played by 4 players.

How to make a pishti?

Pishti is a term that names the game. If there is a single card played, and the next player plays the same rank card, that is called pishti. Exp: Player number 2 plays 8 and there is only one card in the pile and the next player on the left (player number 3) plays a matching card (8), he/she makes a pishti and gets 10 points bonus.

How to play pishti?

  1. The dealer is chosen at random, then it turns clockwise in each hand.
  2. The dealer shuffles and the player on the right of the dealer cuts the pack by lifting off a part of it and checks the bottom card if it is a jack. If the card is a Jack then the cutter takes the jack and will be dealt 3 cards while the other players are dealt 4 cards.
  3. The dealer deals the top 4 cards on the center of the table (Just first deal) consist of 3 face down and 1 face-up card and a packet of 4 facedown cards to players beginning from the left side of the dealer and ending with himself (clockwise). If the face up card is a jack, another card is turned face up. The remaining undealt cards are placed somewhere on the table facedown except the bottom card. The bottom card is placed face up at the bottom of the stock to be seen by all players since the cutter has seen it already.
  4.  The player on the left side of the dealer begins, and the turn continues clockwise. If the first player has a jack or matching card with the face-up card on the top, he can capture the whole pile by playing it.  The captured pile is stored face down in front of each player who captures it. If he does not have a matching card or a jack, the player plays any card he has. And the next player on the left continues.
  5. If no player is able to capture the pile by playing a same rank matching card or a jack, the pile continues to grow in number until any player captures it.
  6. When the pile is captured, there are no cards in the pile any more so that the next player to capturer’s left side plays the only card and the next player of him can make a pishti by playing a same rank matching card. Pishti can not be made by playing a jack. To make a pishti it must be the same rank card. But if the single card in the pile is a jack, and the next player plays a jack, then it is a jack pishti worth of 25 points bonus. (The other pishtis give a 10 points bonus). The pishti maker player stores the pishti 1 face-up to let other players guess about the score.
  7. After all 4 cards are played by each player, the dealer deals another pack of 4 cards to players until there is no undealt cards remaining. In a 4 player game, it is 3 times.
  8. If there are remaining cards in the pile after all card are dealt and played, the player who captured the last pile gets the remaining pile.


  1. Pishti (Jack) : 25 points bonus
  2. Pishti: 10 points bonus
  3. 10 of diamonds : 3 points
  4.  2 of clubs: 2 points
  5.  Aces: 1 point each
  6.  Jacks: 1 point each
  7. And if a player captures 27 or more cards, he gets 3 points bonus.

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