How to play king escaped

King escaped is a Turkish card game called “Papaz kaçtı” or “Papaz kimde?” in Turkish. The game is played with a 52 standard card deck, but 3 kings are removed. So it is played with 49 cards and with 4 players.(Can be played with 2 players, but it is better to play it with 4)

Since it is very simple to play and score, it is one of the most popular card games in Turkey.

How to play

  1. Dealer is chosen at random then deals the face-down cards anti-clockwise one at a time until all cards are dealt. The dealer takes the 49th card, so he or she will have 1 extra card.
  2. After all cards are dealt, the game starts with the first player on the right of the dealer. Each player lays down the cards face-up on the center of the table which are doubles. ( For example Two Jacks, Two Tens, Four sevens. If you have 3 of any kind, then you can lay down only two, 1 will be kept to make it double later.)
  3. After all players lay down the doubles, the normal game starts with the player to the right of the dealer.
  4. The first player takes one card from the dealer’s hand (Only he sees the card, and of course, the dealer knows). If he/she makes a double with this card, then he/she lays down the double on the table, If he/she can’t, then he/she will keep this card in his/her hand to make it a double later.
  5. The turn passes to the right and each player takes a card from the left side player’s hand and plays as stated above.
  6. Since there is only one king in the game, it continues as told above until only one player remains with one card which is the king.
  7. The player who discards all cards first is the winner and the player who remains in the game with a sole card “king” is the loser.


There are 2 types of scoring in this game. You can choose either below:

  1. First type: Each game the player who could not discard all cards is disqualified from the game. After two players are disqualified, the final game is played with 2 players and the winner of this game is the winner of all games.
  2. Second type: A player who reaches the predetermined score, loses the game and the player who has the minimum score wins the game. For example: the predetermined score is 5. Each game the player who could not discard all cards scores 1 point. So if any player looses the game 5 times, the game ends.

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