How to play dirty seven

Dirty seven ( pis yedili in Turkish ) is a Turkish card game played with 4 players. There some variants of dirty seven card game around the world, but in Turkish variant pis yedili has some differences. On this post, we are going tell you how to play Turkish dirty seven.

The aim of the game is to get rid of all cards before the others do. the game is played with a standard 52 cards deck.

Special cards: Ace, 10, 7, Jack (Explained below)

Starting the game

  1. Dealer is chosen at random, then he or she shuffles the deck and deals 7 face-down cards to the players one at a time clockwise and puts the remaining deck aside on the table.
  2. The first player on the left of the dealer starts the game. The first cards of players must be played as a suit of clubs. If the player does not have a card of a clubs suit, then he must take one card from the remaining deck until he gets a card of clubs suit to play. After all players play a card of clubs suit, then the normal game starts.
  3. Same rank or a same suit must be played. For example, if a player plays a 8 of hearts, the next players must play an 8 or a card of hearts suit. If the player has no same rank or suit, then he must take one card from the deck until he gets one.
  4. If a player plays a 7, the next player must take 3 cards from the remaining deck. If this player plays a 7 too, this time the next player must take 6 cards from the deck. If the third player plays a 7 too, then the next player takes 12 cards from the deck.
  5. If an Ace is played, all players must take one card from the deck and the player who played Ace leads the game again.
  6. If a 10 is played, then the game continues on the contrary side. (clockwise-anti-clockwise)
  7. If a player plays a jack, he has the right to change the rank or suit.
  8. The game ends when a player gets rid of all cards.


  1. The remaining cards of the other players are counted as their numer value. (For example 8 is counted as 8 points) Queens and kings are counted 10 points. Jack is counted as 25 points.
  2. If the winner player plays a jack as a last card, each players’ score is multiplied by 2. If a player has a 7, he must take 3 cards from the deck which will be added to score.
  3. For example Player 2 has : 5, 7, J, K. 5+7+25(J)+10(K)=47 and since he has a 7, he will take 3 more cards from the deck and their values also be added.
  4. After the scores are calculated, the loosing player is also identified.

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